Engineering Services

Are you designing a new electronic gadget? Perhaps you are working on the next great eatery? Our passion for engineering great things is driven by our deep understanding of the human element.

Our engineers not only think about solving the equation, we think about how the solution fits with the interface, the body, and the ultimate vision.

For your next unknown, put your trust into hands that solve.

Engineering Innovation Labs

Corporation Associates Engineering Innovation Labs designs products from ideas for real application evaluation. Our team of engineers have an expansive expertise in areas such as electronics, toys, mechanical equiptment, and software.
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Prototype Engineering

Corporation Associates Prototype Labs creates products from design plans for testing in real-world applications. Our team of engineers and lab technicians perform quickly to turn an idea into a real product for test as well as sales evaluation purposes.
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Internet of Things

Corporation Associates IOT Design Group is a team of engineers with backgrounds in communications, computing, and wireless all of which melds experience and innovation for your devices. IOT technology is moving quick. When you are ready to bring an idea to market, it's time to speak with our team.
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