Corporation Associates Design Services

Do you have an idea for the next big product? Perhaps you are looking for some guidance to help bring your idea to reality. There are many questions that need to be answered such as:

  • How will the finished product look?
  • What materials will it be made of?
  • How much will it cost to produce?

Brand Design Services

Corporation Associates offers an array of services to help you with your projects. Let's start with creating a brand for your business. Your business must be a strong brand. In addition, each product that you create must be able to stand on it's own as well. Do you have a logo? How about a slogan? What awareness do you have in the community? Does your brand image carry over to all of your communication material? First things first... our consultants will sit down with you and perform a full brand identity review.
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Product Design Services

Have you already created a new product and now are simply looking for packaging? Perhaps you are interested in creating a new look for the product? Do you need a complete product redesign? Our talented designers have years of experience working with products to make them appealing for consumers. When you create a product... it must incorporate design.
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Spatial Design Services

There is nothing like shopping, dining, and lodging in elegance. Your business space matters. Your goal is to use each square foot to create the look of your brand in a way that will maximize sales. How do you do this? It is an art that our spatial designers have crafted for years.
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Green and Environmental Services

Do you need to save on your resources? Are you looking to implement a green initiative to help your business image? Corporation Associates offers consulting to help you find the solution that will work for your business now and into the future. A green initiative can be complex due to the existing corporate culture of your business. Our experienced consultants will hold training to shift the thinking which will ultimately help the success of your initiative.
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