Green and Environment

Corporation Associates Consulting Group has created plans to help your business go green. The first path to take is reducing your carbon footprint. This includes measures easy such as replacing outdated lighting with energy efficient systems. For larger businesses, Corporation Associates will help you with total building control systems that will take care of automating lighting, heating, air conditioning, and security. This type of system will not only lower your carbon footprint, your business will benefit from lower energy costs.
Corporation Associates responds to the threat of global warming with training programs designed to help businesses reduce and eliminate fossil fuels, increase the use of renewable energies, and practice recycling. Clean air is the result of going green. Imagine by eliminating smog from commercial vehicles � as a common community we will reverse global warming, acid rain, and poor air quality leading to certain cancers.
Corporation Associates has a complimentary Introduction to Green Webinar that highlights how businesses can become involved. Ask about on-site training programs that will go over ways that you can become involved. In addition, Corporation Associates offers on-site employee training programs that will help your employees think green and promote a carbon free future.