Brand Design

From the ground-up

So you are a new business? How do you vision your business looking? Do your customers see your business in the same light as you have planned? Brand design is about creating a seemless experience for your customers so that they associate your business name, logo, colors with a pleasant experience.
To begin, let's take a look at your overall business objective. Who are you looking to sell to? What is your pricing strategy? Where do you expect to be in five years? Where do you expect to be in ten years? How do you want your customers to buy from you? These points are all part of your brand.

Brand Re-birth

There are four main reasons to re-invent a brand.
1) A bigger vision for your brand is wanted.
2) You need to start over.
3) You need a new direction.
4) Growth has you fragmented and you want to move back to your roots.

If you find your business falling into one of the four categories above, now is a good time to turn your brand into a powerhouse.