Corporation Associates Consulting Group is the premier consulting firm raising value for today's business leaders. Sales excellence, corporate redesign, lean implementations... these are all examples of how Corporation Associates is here to help your growth.


  • Product Design

    From new product ideas to product packaging - the design element is what brings life to your idea. The design team is ready to help launch your project.

  • Marketing Strategies

    Marketing begins with research. We create a marketing plan based on where you want to be - your full potential. Then we create your brand experience.

  • Internet of Things

    Your next great idea may be part of a larger web. By adding IOT your idea becomes part of the future - information on demand.

  • Engineering Innovations

    The application of math and science - new ideas are formed. Engineering the fields of aerospace, computers, electrical, industrial, and materials.

  • Sales Leadership

    We create stellar sales teams from nothing for start-ups. We shift the way lackluster sales teams think. To win... your sales team needs to be champions.

  • Business Intelligence

    Find new opportunities in your data. Business Intelligence is a way to visualize your data in order to make smarter decisions.


Moving to Green
The hospitality industry is pushed further to deliver more service with less margin. Moving your hotel into a green operating environment will help your image and bottom line.

Value in a Business Plan
You have a great idea and people want what you offer. How will you get the word out to the street? How much will you charge? Before you start your business, take time to create a comprehensive business plan.